73rd IFLA Annual Conference: Health and Biosciences Section

The Health and Biosciences Section Satellite Session will take place 18th August 2007 at the 73rd IFLA Annual Conference and Council at Durban, South Africa.

Library Frontiers: Disasters, Emergency Preparedness and Emerging Diseases IFLA’s Health and Biosciences Section invites you to submit an abstract for a presentation on this theme for its Satellite session at The Congress 2007. The audience is likely to include health care professionals and librarians from around the world. We are particularly interested in presentations on the following topics although other topics will also be considered

– the information professionals role in responding to natural disasters and new diseases
– case studies in responses to both disasters e.g. Hurricane Katrina and emerging or re-emerging diseases e.g bird flu
– exisiting programs to address these issues

We hope to have a mix of presentations from around the world The delivery of each presentation should last 15-20 minutes which should include a Q&A session. The written version of the presentation should be made available prior to the session and these may be published on IFLANET or as a separate publication. Full papers will be due by 15 April 2007 to allow time for review of papers. Presentations, as well as papers, will be delivered in English as a first preference. Please send an abstract (maximum 400 words) of your proposed paper, full contact details and a short CV to Paivi Pekkarinen (Paivi.Pekkarinen@Helsinki.Fl) by 15th November 2006. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the review panel by 31st January 2007. Regrettably IFLA’s Sections do not have funds available to pay for speakers‘ expenses, although there may be limited funding available through other IFLA channels, especially for people from developing countries.