Poynder-Interview mit Vitek Tracz

Wenn einer über’s Publikationswesen Bescheid weiß, dann BioMed Central-Gründer Vitek Tracz. Richard Poynder hat ihm vor einem Jahr in Information Today genau die richtigen Fragen gestellt (Lesepflicht!):

is, of course, very desirable, but the issue is quite simple:
Publishers are not really going to allow authors to self-archive in an easy way, and authors are not going to do it unless it is completely painless.

Pat Brown’s call for publishing without prior peer review will come true. Making the data visible
will become the single most important thing. And you don’t really need
publishers for that—you need tools and software development.

It is not practical for scientists to do anything that requires a strong editorial overhead,
so all the things scientists cannot do themselves will need
publishers—review journals, for instance. Above all, however, I believe
it means highly specialized, editorially intensive databases—databases
that take data, usually publicly available data, and put it together in
a structure that makes it more useful and understandable by organizing
it and adding commentaries and analysis. (Hervorhebungen von mir)

Nachtrag: Der letzte fettgedruckte Satz kann nicht genug hervorgehoben werden: Wissenschaftler sind für’s Forschen da; als Lektoren oder Tippfehlerkorrektoren wird dieses Talent unnütz verschwendet.