Client value models

Nachtrag zum neuen Heft von MRSQ: Ich lese gerade in PubMed (meinem RSS-Feed sei Dank) über die Anwendung des Client value models in der Planung von Bibliotheksdienstleistungen. Klingt vielversprechend und wird hiermit zum Zitat des Tages gekürt:

Libraries often do not know how clients value their product/ service offerings. Yet at a time when the mounting costs for library support are increasingly difficult to justify to the parent institution, the library’s ability to gauge the value of its offerings to clients has never been more critical. Client Value Models (CVMs) establish a common definition of value elements-or a „value vocabulary“-for libraries and their clients, thereby providing a basis upon which to make rational planning decisions regarding product/service acquisition and development.

(Hervorhebung durch mich)