Mittwoch ist medinfo-freier Tag!

Ein lesenswerter Artikel im Chronicle of Higher Education über Knowing When to Log Off: Wired campuses may be causing ‚information overload‘ mit der Empfehlung, an einen Tag in der Woche den Computer auszuschalten. Steven Cohen (LibraryStuff Weblog) kommentiert:

My favorite quote from the article comes from Eric Brende, who quit studying at MIT after he became overwhelmed by technology: „You’re not being disloyal to progress,“ he said, „by picking and choosing the kind of technology that best fits your needs.“ Finally someone with good sense. […] Whatever works for you. If e-mail is your thing, fine. If you like IM, fine. If you still enjoy speaking on the phone with colleagues, fine. Phone, IM, and RSS works for me. What technology fits your needs?

Was mich umformulieren läßt: If the library user chooses e-mail as his thing, fine – I will answer. If he likes IM, fine – I will be on air. If he still enjoys speaking on the phone, fine – me too. Whatever works for the user should be offered by the library.