Review: Scopus vs. Web of Science

There is a very detailed comparative review of Web of Science (2004 version) and Scopus, in the v6 n3 January 2005 issue, by Louise F Deis, Princeton, and David Goodman, Long Island University. Their quick summary in one sentence: „Keep Web of Science and buy Scopus if you can once the publisher gets the data loaded.“ Two additional entries related to this review include the authors‘ comments on a review of WoS and Scopus in the 15 Jan 2005 Library Journal, and a letter to the authors in response to their review from two librarians at the R.W. Van Houten Library, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Sehr lesenswert wegen der vielen Hintergrundinfos. Verschärfte Leseempfehlung für alle Scopus-Käufer. [via STLQ]