Call for papers: Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries

The Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries (JERML) is a new, peer-reviewed professional journal devoted to the access, evaluation, and management of electronic resources in the medical library environment. […] Examples of the topics that are relevant to this journal, all as related to medical libraries, include:

.       Collection development and selection of electronic resources
.       Print versus electronic formats
.       Medical informatics
.       Access issues with electronic journals
.       Impact of electronic resources and the Internet on user services
.       Electronic reserves
.       Role of medical libraries with PDAs
.       Archiving issues with electronic formats
.       Cost analysis of digital resources
.       Database/journal publisher relations and medical libraries
.       Evaluation of electronic resources

Examples of „in press“ articles:

.       HighWire Press and Its Journey to Become the World's Largest Full-Text STM Online Journal Collection
.       The Electronic Resources Librarian in the Health Sciences Library: An Emerging Role
.       Access Marries Archive: BioMed Central/PubMed Central; An Open Access Partnership
.       Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs): Barriers but Opportunities
.       It Keeps Getting Better: SKOLAR MD
.       Open Access Publishing: Implications for Libraries
.       Creating a Web-Accessible Combined Print and Electronic Journal Listing
.       Medical Students Find Power in Their Palm: PDAs in a Clinical Rotation

Deadlines: Article ideas for v. 3, issue 1, 2006, are currently being accepted. If an idea is accepted, papers will be due June 15, 2005. Interested authors should contact the co-editors with a topic and/or abstract to determine suitability for publication in JERML: Elizabeth Connor, co-editor or M. Sandra Wood, co-editor
Elizabeth Connor, MLS, AHIP – Daniel Library – The Citadel – Charleston, SC [via MLAICS-L]