Elsevier permits postprint archiving

Elsevier now permits important kinds of postprint archiving. Authors may post the final editions of their full-text Elsevier articles to their personal web sites or their institutional repositories, but not to repositories elsewhere. The OA edition must be author-made, not Elsevier’s PDF or HTML, and must include a link either to the journal’s home page or the article’s DOI. Stevan Harnad announced the good news to multiple listservs, based on an email from Karen Hunter, Elsevier’s Senior VP for Strategy. Gesehen in den Open Access News
Ich kann’s noch nicht so richtig glauben, da Elsevier auf seiner eigenen Website eine deutlich eingeschränktere Erklärung abgibt, die ein offenes Web-Angebot ausschließt: Elsevier’s copyright policies permit authors to use their own articles in a variety of ways: for teaching; in preparing revised and expanded new works (e.g. books); by making copies for their research colleagues; by posting the pre-print version of their articles widely, including on Web-based pre-print servers; and by posting the final version on their institutions‘ Intranets or other secure networks („selfarchiving“).“