MLA 2013 federated meeting with 11th International Congress on Medical Librarianship

Skyline von Boston

Skyline von Boston

Dieser Tage bekam ich die erste Ankündigung des gemeinsamen MLA/ICML-Kongresses 2013 in Boston (auf der letzten Tagung 2009 in Brisbane wurde der Rhythmus von fünf- auf vierjährig verkürzt) mit dem Titel „One Health: Information in an Interdependent World“. Der letzte gemeinsame Kongreß war 1995 in Washington (damals unter dem Titel „Health Information for the Global Village“) und es war für einen europäischen Bibliothekar schon sehr beeindruckend (und wuselig!), die 2.000 oder so Delegierten der MLA-Tagung auf einem Haufen zu sehen. 700 blieben dann für die ICML, in der Buchhandlung um die Ecke spielte eine Liveband auf der Empore Santana Jam und Nachts auf dem Bordstein wurde die Zukunft der Bibliothek geplant …

Hier nun die ersten Informationen, gemailt von Rick Ralston, Assistant Director for Library Operations, Indianapolis, in der Liste MLA-International Cooperation Section:

As many of you may have heard, the 2013 MLA annual meeting in Boston will be a federated meeting, that is, in the words of Michael Homan, Co-Chair of NPC ’13: „of similarly focused health sciences
information organizations encompassing the programming and CE of MLA’13 as the principle cornerstone of the 2013 meeting, but augmented and enriched by the concurrent activities and programs of the 11th International Congress on Medical Librarianship (ICML), and the international conferences of the International Clinical Librarians and the Animal Health Information Specialists“. Committee meetings/first activities: Special meetings (in the U.S. and European), as well as e-mail discussions, took place over the Summer/Fall of 2010 as the program planning committee members were being invited and assembled by the various constituent groups. The first NPC13/ICML11 Program Planning Committee „international meeting“ took place via Skype on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. A meeting theme was chosen and a list of possible plenary speakers and meeting tracks was generated. Meeting logistics and a timeline for a first draft of the meeting framework were also discussed. Carla Funk announced that MLA will rent a table at the 2011 IFLA conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico to begin promotion of the 2013 Boston meeting. Meeting theme: One Health: Information in an Interdependent World. The phrase „One Health“ used in the context of NPC 2013/ICML11 is meant to encompass not only human and animal health, but also public health, environmental health, climate change, food safety/production, and international policy. The broad definition emphasizes interdisciplinary and international collaboration. The word „information“ provides the appropriate connotation for the meeting, and the word „interdependent“ underscores global interdependencies in all health related areas. In this context, global means local as well.

Excerpt from Dec. 7, 2010 meeting minutes: The committee discussed possible general meeting „tracks“ and confirmed the desire to handle the 2013 meeting as a federated meeting with multiple tracks as was successfully done for ICML’10 in Australia… Carla Funk reminded the committee that it will need to follow developing „hot topics“ in the years leading up to the 2013 meeting as possible new tracks. Participants confirmed that the 7th IACHIS and the 6th ICLC are considered separate tracks for the federated 2013 meeting. Ramune Kubilius confirmed that the tracks will likely have significant alignment with MLA Section programming needs and interests and that a mix of 25% ICML-selected papers and 75% Section-selected papers will most likely work.

NPC13/ICML11 members: The complete list will soon be posted to MLANET. A sampling: Chair: J. Michael Homan; Co-chair: Heather Todd- ICML; LAC Chair: Eric Albright; LAC Co-Chair: Sarah McCord; MLA CE Committee Rep: Assako Holyoke; MLA Section Council Rep: Ramune Kubilius; MLA Board Liaison: Jane Blumenthal; MLA Staff Liaisons: Ray Naegele and Carla Funk.

Foto der Skyline von Boston: Fcb981 via Wikimedia Commons