Genombewußt einkaufen mit dem Smartphone

In Your Mobile and Your Genomic Data? A ScienceRoll diskutiert Bertalan Meska die Eignung des Google Smartphones für die so genannte Genome Based Economy, d.h. „genombewußtes Einkaufen“. Ich scanne den Schokoriegel im Supermarkt und das G-Phone sagt mir, ob ich mir das erlauben kann mit meiner Adipositas-Disposition auf Chromosome 22:

Using the Google Phone’s built-in bar code reader, Dr. Pellionisz demonstrated how personal genome computing can detect genome-friendly and genome-supportive products from foods to cosmetics to building materials and beyond. In a demonstration, the PDA user was assumed to have a genomic proclivity to Parkinson’s Disease. The demonstration leveraged the Google Phone’s bar code reader to capture product information and a product rating scale to identify the prevention efficacy of any product under consideration. The consumer is equipped to make immediate product comparisons based on both personal health-preferences and genomic information with special consideration of the disease or syndrome of concern.