Marketing by blogging: Professional writing skills needed

Today, Lars Iselid made me aware of a serious challenge for libraries (bold font by me):

I thought a lot of the marketing efforts you do at your library. A problem I think is that we have too few people wanting to write this content in podcasts, blogs and paper journals. Maybe it would be better to have a journalist […], but the problem is they have sometimes problems to understand the library culture. In contrary, I often see that newly examined librarians have poor writing capabilities with even misspellings and so on. I think it’s a problem with new librarians that they can’t write or present properly. Do we need teachers and journalists in libraries? Or do the LIS programs need to change to meet the new demands of libraries for professional skills?

I don’t know the answer (feeling like a journalist by myself sometimes), but spontanously thought on two blog/slide entries:

Um einen erfolgreichen „killer blog“ zu schreiben, braucht man definitiv beides. Und Spaß an der Sache natürlich: Editorials und warum bloggen Spaß macht. Authorität muß nicht von Anfang an da sein, sondern kann mit dem Bloggen wachsen.